Bored with quarantine? Make a project that is cute and easy! This works great as a ladies night paint and sip on video chat, something to do with your sweetie, or a solitary project!



Paint and Stain available for pick-up orders only - Must add Paint or Stain Kit to cart in order to receive them. Regular non-toxic acrylic paint and oil based wood stains are what will be included with the kits, but if you have any of those at home you can absolutely use them!


Paint Kit includes 5 2 oz containers of the following colors - White, Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue Non-toxic Acrylic Paint. (Hint: You can mix these to make more colors!!!)


Wood Stain Kit includes 3 2 oz containers of a light, medium, and dark stain. These are Oil Based and will stain skin easily. These are toxic as well as flammable so please keep out of reach from children. (Labled with L, M, or D so you know which is which!)


This kit is do it yourself and will not come fully assembled. This kit is not intended for children.


Finished Sizes are 10" x 5.6" or 18" x 10" - Made out of Baltic Birch or MDF (Baltic Birch for staining, MDF for painting)


Comes with Frame, Insert Pieces, Paper Guide, and Sponges.


DIY Kit Geometric Barn Quilt Design 2

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  • Once you've painted or stained your project, you are going to want to adhere your painted pieces to the background. We suggest using either wood glue, super glue, hot glue, or a craft glue. (anything that will bond wood to wood) Then you can be done or you can use a sealant of your choice to protect your artwork! We suggest a spray on clear coat of either polycrylic or other water-based sealant for the painted works. For the stained artwork, you can use a polyuruthane spray or brush on polyuruthane coat.